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Welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Negin, I live and work in Stockholm as UI designer and Illustrator. Here I share some of my recent work and ideas.

2018 - Now

Billogram AB

Billogram AB is a digital invoicing service focusing on customer relationship and CX. As UI designer I am responsible for establishing the design system, improving the look and feel of the product and coming up with new ideas and concepts.


2016 - 2018

Greenely AB

Greenely AB is a small startup in Stockholm working in the energy sector. Greenely offers a mobile app that enables it's users to keep track of their energy consumption.

As a designer I worked on many different projects such as IOS and Android app design, web design and illustration.

2019 Freelance project

Ponture AB

In this project I redesigned a MVP version of a landing page and a website for Ponture AB which is a small startup in tech and finance sector in Stockholm. This design was based on their current brand profile. The challenging part of this project was the very limited time and resources, which I find quite common when working with startups. This means making a simple design that is easy to implement. 

I enjoy working on different side projects alongside my full time job as UI designer. It helps me to develop my creativity, learn new things and grow my skills. 

These projects can be everything from designing websites for people I know, creating online ads, simple animations, Icon design and illustrating children's books. Drawing is a habit that I have been carrying with me since childhood and one of my top favourite hobbies.

Vector illustration


Children's book illustration

Personal work

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